Seven hundred musicians will traverse the streets at the Grenoble festival. Among them, those of the celebrated 118th Army Band, U.S. Army, currently stationed at Caserne Maginot of Verdun.

This valorous formation, musical ambassador of the U.S.A. represents the U.S. Army at all great festivals organized in Western Europe.


For the “glorious three”
The Carnival Committee enthusiastically prepares its great parade of flowers

So that Grenoble knows three days of joy, furious enthusiasm, sumptuous pageantry, the Commissioner General Georges Thevenin and committee members work tirelessly, aided of course by all groups with floats.

These floats will be more elegant than burlesque, more graceful than prodigious. Briefly, the committee finds the most charm and the smile of a flower parade the biggest laugh of a grotesque cavalcade.

In summary, this popular festival will be placed under the sign of good taste, youth and elegance.

The jubilation that will brighten the first three days of May is offered by the Carnival Committee which takes entirely the concern, both pecuniary point of view and from that of the organization.

That's why you will be asked three francs entry fee to participate in all three events. Children under twelve will be admitted free.

Therefore, 1st, 2nd and 3rd of May 24 floats, 700 musicians, 100 big heads, 20 entertainment groups will lay joy in the streets of a city in a festival dedicated to the music, the song, the dance, and finally to joy of living ...

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